UCI Anesthesia in Today’s World

Back in primitive days when a person was seriously injured with his or her life in jeopardy and exigencies called for fast action, there were limited anesthetic options available. Many times to remove a bullet or other obstruction the patient was required to bear the pain and perhaps bite down on a towel or rag inserted in the mouth to avoid biting the tongue. The only option the doctor or person chosen to do the deed had available was to pour alcohol over the wound and hope for the best.

Medical science has come a long way since then, but you already know that. Today any type of medical talent is always in the top five of jobs that are available and any person with a medical degree in such a specialized field as UCI anesthesia can pretty much find a job in 15 minutes anywhere in the world. It’s also a level playing field where both men and women are welcome to join this select club.

In case you’re not familiar with the term anesthesia, it’s a method used in a civilized society to put a patient to sleep minutes prior to an operation. The person administering the UCI anesthesia can be a man or woman, however that person must be a registered nurse anesthetist, CRNA, who works along with a physician trained in the specialty of anesthesia. Safety is the operative word in this profession. No licensed physician will even touch a scalpel to begin a medical procedure on a patient until the anesthesiologist passes on the okay sign.

There is another type of anesthesia called local anesthesia which is a technique that involves injecting or applying anesthetic to a particular body part and not rendering the entire body or brain to sleep. Dentists use this method when required. The most common being lidocaine. There can be side effects or complications from anesthesia but this would be a rare occurrence. Depending on the health of any patient, recovery from general anesthesia is routine.

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